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My DDR Homepad is a site for people to hang around and look at it. I'm currently rennovating it so it will be good when completed. I have a small amount of disk space and bandwith so it will be hard.

I think you will like this site.

I havent been updating this site a lot but I have done some changes. I have added a shout box and I have added a new url to this site. The new link is This new addon via will be very good. These new addons will make this site a lot better and I will get pictures of them. Another update will come soon I hope :).

The better forums from invision free are here. I will post a link to them. The other forums dont use them . This is one is completely better.

Click here for the new myddrhomepad forums

I have a new link for the official forum. I also changed the forum page to the group forum page. This setup is better and it won't confuse people. The forum is the Message Board provided by Bravenet and the Group Forums are powered by Yahoo groups. I will post a link to this forum. The link page wouldn't support this link so I will start another page for it.

I now have a forum powered by Yahoo Groups. It's in the Forums section. I'll post the details later. This site is now getting updated and getting better with new sections. We also have a new look and it's lot brighter than the gray/black combo.

It's 2003 so happy new year. The pad photos cant be uploaded because tripod won't support .pdd files. So I might have to not have pictures. This is bad but it wont support it maybe I'll need a new digital camera. I want to mod my ps2 so I can play imports.

We are going to build our homepad soon. We have almost all of the materials for it. We just need a few more materials and we should start building it. It will be great. I'm finally updating this site and it should be done soon. You will find the pics in the pad photos and my yahoo photos account or my imagestation one. I'll update this site tomorrow.

We are building that pad soon. We need some good traffic. Me and my dad are building it. The pad will have lights on it. We need some help and we would be set.

11/17/02 I should start building a DDR Homepad soon. I hope you enjoy the pad photos when the pad is complete. This update is long overdue so check out blog. I should update this site more often.

I finally updated my site with a new page. I should edit my site more often. It has my ddrhomepad photos. I haven't built my pad yet so it will be blank when I complete my pad and post photos of it.

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Check out the myddrhomepad e-mail newsletter. I will post an e-mail link so you can just e-mail me and you will get all the latest news on our site delivered to your e-mail inbox.

The new myddrhomepad message boards.

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I have the new myddrhomepad message boards. Go check them out at the following link that I will post for you.
I've added a bbs ezboard for people to chat with. I'ts also in development just like my website. Please make a donation so I can make my ezboard into a gold ezboard which is ad-freee and much better than the free ezboards with so much ad's.

Welcome to my new site. It's not done yet. But it will be very nice when it's done.

Check all the latest news in our news letter.

This site when completed will be a great site. But time will tell.